<aside> 🖥️ Tracking new menu item ideas for a leading fast-food restaurant.




As the sole designer in my project team at Cargill, I led our product's user research, ideation, interface design, and prototyping efforts. I had the opportunity to directly interact with clients through discovery and shadowing sessions, demos, and feedback calls. These meetings helped me identify our problem space as well as what our client values.

<aside> 💻 Our client has been using the dashboard since August 2021! In fact, in the spring 2022 semester, the project was continued by other interns to support greater analytics features.





I learned how to collaborate and communicate with a cross-functional team.

This included daily standup, clarifications regarding designs, creating a style sheet, and utilizing Material UI and React components for easy handoff and quick developer prototyping.

Being open-minded and maintaining a culture where all team members are involved increases communication and efficiency.

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