Helping shoppers discover and understand Buy with Prime on direct-to-consumer websites.


UX Design Intern


Buy with Prime


May - Aug 2023 (12 weeks)


Buy with Prime gives shoppers fast, free delivery and easy returns on eligible products sold on direct-to-consumer websites, outside of

When merchants use Buy with Prime, Amazon takes care of the payment, processing, storage, delivery, and returns.

For example, Wyze offers Buy with Prime on the video doorbell below. Shoppers can click the blue “Add to cart” button and receive the doorbell with fast, free deliver.

Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 7.32.25 PM.png

<aside> 🚀 I designed elements for merchants to place on their sites so shoppers discover and understand how to shop Buy with Prime products — shipping soon!




Shoppers struggle to discover and understand how to shop Buy with Prime products. Merchants can’t easily and effectively educate shoppers about Buy with Prime.

These problems were discovered through the team’s regular unmoderated user tests with shoppers and merchants and my conversations with branding.

iPhone 14 Pro-2.png

Shoppers can’t identify eligible products when browsing catalogs

iPhone 14 Pro-1.png

Shoppers only learn about Buy with Prime when stumbling upon an eligible product and are also confused if checkout will redirect them to

iPhone 14 Pro-2-2.png

Merchants manually add the Buy with Prime circle badge to eligible products’ images — inaccurate if item goes out of stock or taken off of Buy with Prime

iPhone 14 Pro-3.png

Existing Photoshop and image elements that Buy with Prime provides to merchants are underutilized because of high effort

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