<aside> đź‘Ą Enhancing Legacy Contact, a feature that lets users share account and data access after their death.



I interned on the iCloud Human Interface Team as a product designer. I collaborated with senior product designers, UX writers, project managers, and engineers to enhance the existing Legacy Contact feature for Apple accounts which lets users share account and data access after their death. I can’t share details about the enhancement I worked on, but you can view the existing Legacy Contact feature on your Apple devices today.

If you go to your Apple ID account on your iPhone, to Password & Security, and then to Legacy Contact, you can add and manage your legacy contacts.



Step back and provide context for stakeholders.

I met with directors and VPs, iCloud engineering, and other teams throughout my internship. I learned to share my reasoning and higher-level vision for design decisions so that stakeholders can understand my thought process.

Language greatly impacts the user experience.

I collaborated closely with UX writers on the copy for my project. I learned about the purpose and power of voice, and how to use words to guide users through different flows.

Utilize existing components and patterns.

During my internship, I continuously explored iOS and macOS, designing with what already exists so users understand what actions they can take and don’t need to build new mental models.

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