Tracking new menu item ideas for a leading fast-food restaurant.


UX Design Intern


1 Product Coach 1 Technical Coach 1 UX Design Intern 3 Software Engineer Interns


May - Aug 2021 (12 weeks)

Shipped in Aug 2021


As the sole designer in my project team, I led our product's user research, ideation, interface design, and prototyping. I collaborated with software engineer interns and a product owner to build a dashboard for a large fast food chain to manage menu item ideas.


<aside> 💻 Our client has been using the dashboard since August 2021 to track 5000+ menu item ideas! In fact, in Spring 2022, the project was continued by other interns to support greater analytics features.



I learned how to collaborate and communicate with a cross-functional team.

This included daily standup, clarifications regarding designs, creating a style sheet, and utilizing Material UI and React components for easy handoff and quick developer prototyping.

Being open-minded and maintaining a culture where all team members are involved increases communication and efficiency.

I ran a mini design sprint with the engineers in my team to view our product and problem space from a variety of angles. Collectively writing out how-might-we statements and observing the similarities and differences in them helped us discover potential features and edge cases for our dashboard that benefit our client.

<aside> 🍎 Next project →

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