Centralizing news story management for South Side Weekly, a Chicago newspaper nonprofit. Shipped February 2022.


Product Designer


1 Product Manager 1 Technical Lead 1 Product Designer 6 Software Developers


Sep 2021 - Jan 2022


During the Fall 2021 semester, I designed a desktop dashboard to help South Side Weekly, a Chicago newspaper nonprofit, effectively manage stories and collaboration workflows. I collaborated with 8 other students from Hack4Impact, a student organization at UIUC that builds software for nonprofits.

<aside> đź’Ś We shipped the dashboard in February 2022 to 250+ admin and contributors at South Side Weekly! After usage, the managing director even stated he believed our dashboard could be scaled for use at other newspaper nonprofits.



Every published story involves collaboration between contributors and admin.

South Side Weekly contributors volunteer on stories and admin manage them and their work. They are divided into teams based on their skills such as writing, editing, photography, fact-checking, and visual art.

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 10.48.42 AM.png


Managing news stories across many platforms is challenging and inefficient for the admin and contributors at South Side Weekly.

Admin review contributors’ pitches and assign contributors to stories. Contributors request to work on stories, pitch new story ideas, and track their work. All of this happens across Slack, AirTable, forms, and email — leading to workflow inefficiencies for admin and contributors.

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