Enhancing Legacy Contact, a feature that lets users share account data such as iCloud photos, notes, files, etc. with select people after their death.


Product Design Intern


iCloud Human Interface


May - Sep 2022 (19 weeks)

Discovery improvements shipped in Sep 2023


Check out Legacy Contact today.

This feature empowers Apple users to take control of their digital legacy, enabling cherished memories and important information to be seamlessly passed on to trusted or loved ones.


After an Apple user passes away, their Legacy Contact can request to view their data (iCloud photos, notes, files, etc.) through the web, iOS, or macOS.


I worked on an enhancement for this feature that spans the entire Legacy Contact flow.


I collaborated with designers, UX writers, project managers, and engineers and reviewed my work with directors and VPs of design and engineering who provided support to implement my feature in the future. By the end of my internship, I created detailed design specifications for iOS, macOS, and web for handoff to engineering.

<aside> šŸ”’ I canā€™t share details about my enhancement until launch, but message me at [email protected] for more about my experience and learnings.


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