<aside> 📣 Democratizing voting through a responsive and accessible election guide for Brink nonprofit.




Hack4Impact is a student organization at UIUC that works with nonprofits to build software for social good. This past spring semester, I worked in a team with Brink, an election voting guide nonprofit. We built an accessible web app that serves as an election guide; the main features we provided voters include the voting checklist, ballot, and FAQ.


People with disabilities do not have the same access to voting information as people without disabilities.

According to the Election Assistance Commission, voters with disabilities were nearly twice as likely as non-disabled voters to experience problems when voting. Election webpages where voters can apply to receive mail ballots often do not accommodate tools used by people who are blind, have low vision, or cannot use keyboards or a mouse.


A responsive web app that serves as an election guide for all voters in the US.

This app reduces friction for users to use their voting checklist and learn about ballot candidates. There's an emphasis on making sure everything is accessible for those with vision, hearing, and motor disabilities.

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